NESCAFE Ballerina

NESCAFE Ballerina

NESCAFE Hockey Player

DORITOS Cowboy Kid

DORITOS Sling Baby

JOBFOX Water Artist



DORITOS Cat Flight

PEPSI MAX Office Break

Kevin T. Willson loves idea generating with creative people and inspiring joy to an audience through relatable characters. While earning a film degree in college he interned for Ridley Scott at Scott Free & RSA. Over the years, Kevin has directed hundreds of projects in fifteen countries, has won dozens of awards and has directed three top rated Super Bowl commercials. He has worked on comedy ideas with Andy Samberg and has directed actors such as Emmy Award winning Tony Hale, Cristela Alonzo and Adam Pally. Kevin has directed spots for Nescafe, Doritos, Phillips Norelco, Jeep, Purina, Habitat For Humanity, Fusion, Skechers, Charmin, William Morris Endeavor, Kia, and many more.

Kevin's spot 'Sling Baby' received the #1 Super Bowl Commercial by Facebook/USA Today's Ad Meter, and also #1 Most Liked and #1 Most Memorable by Nielsen Ratings. 2014's 'Cowboy Kid' received #2 on USA Today's Ad Meter and #2 Most Memorable Super Bowl ad. 'Casket' achieved #1 Most Memorable by Nielsen. Kevin is attached as Director to an action comedy feature film. He draws his own shooting boards and creates animatics. Kevin graduated from the Upright Citizen's Brigade Improv Comedy program and lives in Los Angeles.